Why is healthy food scarce? Why is it nearly impossible to eat organic when dining out? Must we all be nutrition detectives and play twenty-questions with restaurant servers to ensure we are not consuming genetically modified organisms? Shouldn’t restaurants be trustworthy guardians of our sustenance?

These questions motivate us. There is practically nowhere you can go and order off a menu while being certain that you are eating organic and pasture-raised foods. We want to produce foods that contain optimal nutrition, but first and foremost, foods that are non-toxic. Let food be thy medicine! We aim to produce the cleanest and most nutrient-dense foods possible. We will innovate beyond the Organic standard, and we will not compromise on quality.

Nutrient Farm’s mission is

“to accelerate the world’s transition back to clean food”.

Clean food should be obvious, but we live in a world where:
• Conventional Produce allows GMOs, synthetic pesticides/herbicides, bio-sludge, and irradiation
• Organic Produce contains mercury, lead, or arsenic; heavy metals are not tested for in Organic Certification
• Organic Beef could have been raised on grains and vaccines
• Grass-fed Beef allows hormones, antibiotics, and to be fed GMO-corn and candy for 8 months per year
• Cage-free Poultry allows entire flocks to be raised in one large cage (building) and blanketly be given antibiotics

Epigenetics shows that up to 90% of our health outcome is the product of our environment, not genetics. We aim to increase the availability and decrease the cost of clean food for everyone by providing organic, non-GMO produce and pasture-raised meats to restaurants, grocers, and directly to consumers.