Are you a greenthumb?
Do you enjoy working outdoors?
Is the “Organic Life” the life for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Nutrient Farm might the next adventure for you.  We have 3 new job postings and are collecting applications immediately!  Here is a list of our current job postings. If you see one that interests you, click the posting to find out more information.

Organic Ranch Hand
Type: Full-time position (W-2) with benefits

Organic Farmer (multiple positions available)
Type: Temporary contract position (1099) for outdoor growing season, April thru October

Organic Farm Manager
Type: Full-time position (W-2) with benefits

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“You are what you eat, eats!”

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Pure 100% Beeswax Candles from our Apiary

Pure beeswax candles burn slower than other types of candles. Beeswax also burns brighter, cleaner and purifies the air as it burns. Beeswax candles are the cleanest candle you can buy.  As the beeswax burns it releases negative ions which trap dust and debris in the air, making your air cleaner – a great candle for allergy suffers. Beeswax does not smoke when it burns and has a natural pleasant honey aroma. We do not scent our candles, the candle smells this way because that is how the bees made it! 

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