Nutrient Incorporated is a fast-growing company! We’ve hired 15 people in the past year and don’t show any signs of slowing. While we’ve been focusing predominately on farm infrastructure, we are slowly bringing food production systems online. We look forward to bringing you more news on amazing upcoming developments we have planned.

Four career positions are currently available at Careers – Nutrient Farm

CAD Technician (Resident)

Seasonal Organic Farmer

Construction Worker (Resident)


New Beef Cuts now available

Nutrient Density

All of the vitamins and minerals that you can find in vegetables, can be found in higher densities in meat. There are also some nutrients that you cannot get in vegetables because they can only be found in livestock products. Eating meat has actually been attributed to the human brain tripling in size from 500 to 1,500 cc over the last thousands of years.

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“You are what you eat, eats!”

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