Manifesting before your eyes is Nutrient Farm’s first technologically-advanced, world-class greenhouse.

It’s purpose will be to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, raised with organic and biodynamically principles, to be sold all year around in Nutrient Farm’s future farmstore.

The Greenhouse building will be 9,000 sq. ft. It’s construction will rest upon a deep foundation, itself resting upon many dozens of concrete-encased micro-pyles, extending hundreds of feet down to the earth’s bedrock. The building’s structural members will be steel and free-span, walls will be 4″ insulated metal panels and the roof glazing will be triple-layer ETFE, a new upcoming material which freely allows UV through as nature intended making crops more nutritionally-dense.

The greenhouse will ultimately be off-grid. Power and climate control will be accomplished by a combination of technologies including: solar electric, a geothermal earth battery, phase-change materials, a high-pressure atomizing misting system and radiant as well as drop-down hydronic systems powered by a geothermal cooling pond, a pit of thermal energy storage (PTES) and a solar thermal energy collection field.

Additional land uses are planned to be added on to this Greenhouse in the future too. Stay tuned!

Career Openings:

Culinary Team – Organic Cooks needed on contract basis for company cookouts and public music festivals.

Organic Farming Team – We are looking for an Organic Farming Manger to build a team that includes year around and seasonal workers.  Every fall we consider promoting our seasonal farmers to full-time roles.

FREE DELIVERY on orders over $100 and within 20 minutes of Nutrient Farm. This includes a portion of Rifle, Silt, New Castle and Glenwood Springs! Please note that the website will take real-time traffic into consideration.

Delivery will be coordinated via email by

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