Greenhouse update:

Snow mitigation has slowed construction, but the structural steel frame of the greenhouse is nearly complete! Each beam, carefully secured in place, will soon be accompanied by IMP panels. As long as the weather continues to cooperate, we will continue assembly.

Career Positions Available

Certified Electrician
Construction Concrete Lead
Construction Foreman
Construction Project Administrator
Controller / CPA
Heavy Mechanic Technician
Organic Farm Fence Installation Foreman
Organic Farmer
Organic Ranch Hand
Senior WordPress Software Developer
Steel Construction Worker
Traveling Executive Personal Assistant
Water Pipeline Installer

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Nursery update:

The driveway apron leading to the overhead door of the nursery now has a poured slab. It includes insulation, rebar, and pex so the snow may be melted hydronicly, similar to the slab we completed last month on the North side of the building.

Chicken, Mobile Coop update:

As mentioned last month, the materials for our mobile chicken coops have been ordered and have since been delivered! We have been developing a modular design for the coop’s assembly, and will begin assembling in our nursery in the coming weeks. This spring, we hope to welcome chickens to their new homes on Nutrient Farm!

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