All of the trim work has been completed.  Next will be the installation of the overhead and pedestrian doors.  We still have to clean up some building materials, but we are generally ready to move on to the next step of installing the ETFE glazing.


Career Opportunities Available

Electrician (No Travel) Organic Farm Manager Software Developer (Not Remote) General Labor
Heavy Equipment Operator (x2) Heavy Mechanic Technician IT Network Administrator Tire and Lube Tech
Executive Personal Assistant (weekends) Organic Farm Fence Installer Organic Farm Hand
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The cattle are back from grazing the BLM.


Chicken Coops:


All three coops are being developed simultaneously.



 The team has been burning the midnight oil getting these pavers cut and installed. They look great and the building is really starting to shape up. We are almost ready to begin assembling the steel tables.

Farm Storage:


 The structural, micropyle and MEP engineering are nearing completion.

Hay Crop:


Planting hundreds of acres of certified Organic hay seed takes a long time. The second half of the West pasture just completed. Next, we will plant the West half of the East pasture while the cattle are contained in the newly constructed intensive rotational grazing system.

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