Livestock Ranching Practices

Significant thought and consideration is put to the ethics and all steps of the product development lifecycle. Heavy scrutiny is given to all inputs for toxicity and assurance of extraordinary quality.

Pasture Raised

Evidence-based research states that managed intensive pasture grazing, which mimics the mob-grazing movement of wild herds of animals, can produce dramatic improvements in soil health and water management. It also means more humane treatment of livestock. Pasture-Raised livestock recieve most or all of their nutrition directly from living pasture. Sometimes the foraged feed is dried and stored for future use; particularly during Winter. Nutrient Farm cattle always has access to the earth, sun, clean water, and fresh air; even over Winter.

100% Grass Fed

100% Grass-Fed; that means grass-fed and grass-finished. “100% Grass-Fed” beef contains up to five times the Omega-3’s and more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), carotenoids, vitamin E, and other antioxidants then industrial beef.

Organic Crop Seed

All grass seeds planted on the farm are certified Organic.

100% Organic

Grown with organic ranching methods such as being free from the use of:
– Synthetic herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides (such as Glyphosate)
– BioSludge (Human waste)
– Irradiation (Induces vitamin deficiencies, inactivates enzymes, damages food DNA).
– GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Bio Dynamic

Grown using biodynamic ranching methods such as:
– Ranching organically and biodyanmically holistically, not just a portion of the farm or products
– Minimizing importation of fertility
– Growing produce and livestock for symbiosis
– Using biodynamic preparations
– Raising livestock humanely
– Operating socially responsibly

GMO Free

GMO-Free. Genetically modified organisms are shows to cause cancer and infertility in animal testing. They also cause environmental genetic pollution. They are so horrible, the industry fights to have to label GMOs.

Antibiotic Free & Hormone Free

No Antibiotics, No Growth Hormones ever. A large decrease of antbiotics use on farms in recent years is a signifier of where are headed in the future health of livestock and poultry. There are a number of concerns with using antibiotics and growth hormones in our food.

Grain Free Diet

Never Fed Grains. Grain-fed cows are fed a diet of usually GMO corn and soy-based grains in a feed lot or CAFO. This diet helps accelerate their growth, but is not natural nor good for the cows digestive health.

Cake Free Candy Free All Grass

Never Fed Cake or Candy. Poor quality ranchers use tactics such as this to feed their cattle excessive amount of sugar in order to create an additional 70 pounds of unhealthy fat per cow. The consumption of excess sugar (more than the body can process) is turned to fat for storage.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lick

Supplemented with Pink Himalayan Salt licks. Animals have a natural affinity for eating salt; therefore Himalayan Salt licks provide them with regular salt requirements and other necessary minerals which contribute to their growth. Pink Himalayan Salt licks are a perfect option for cows because they contain vast nutrients including 84 trace minerals than the traditional salt used.

Low Stress

Humanely raised in a low-stress environment with access to shelter at all times. This prevents the livestock from having unnecessary stress from being out in unwelcomed weather conditions. We also take care to not produce loud noise around the cattle to not startle or cause the cattle undue stress. The health, happiness and welfare of our livestock is a top priority.

Humanely Processed at a USDA Facility

USDA Organic inspected facility utilized for humane processing. We adhere to all the legal and moral obligations of USDA Organic Certification. Slaughteris overseen by a USDA Representative.

Dry Aged 14 Days

Dry aged tenderized for 14 days prior to processing. Dry aging the meat allows for improved texture and flavor.

Grown in the USA

Grown in the USA. We support our neighbors and local businesses. We always buy American first. We take pride in our land and the people that make it beautiful. Reports show that “Buying American” helps to strengthen the economy, creates new jobs and promotes responsible, environmental practices.

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