Welcome to the Nutrient Farm Recreational Trails page!

The Nutrient Farm Recreational Trail system is available to the general public. Anyone using the trails must carry a valid recreational license. The rules governing usage of the trail system are detailed in the Nutrient Farm Recreational License Agreement. The cost for a recreational license is $15.00. Recreational licenses are valid for the calendar year in which it was purchased. 

Click one of the licenses below to see the agreement.

Adult License

Minor License

Fees collected help cover the recurring expenses of:

  • Maintaining and upgrading the trails
  • Adding new trails to the system
  • Mitigation of litter and other nuisances

The system currently consists of the following trails:

  • Nutrient River Trail (providing pedestrian access to the Colorado River)
  • Nutrient BLM Trail (providing pedestrian/vehicular access to the Vulcan BLM Allotment)
  • (Future trails are planned)

The interactive map below shows the trails in the system.  To open the map navigational menu, click on the icon in the upper-left corner of the map.

Please keep the BLM Trail gates closed.