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The Cheek cut is taken from the facial muscles of a cow. Since cows graze several times a day, this cut receives a great deal of physical exercise, resulting in tougher muscles. The typical weight of a Cheek ranges around ¾ -1 lbs with the presence of a white connective tissue running through it. The connective tissue running in the middle of this cut can be removed by slicing it like a fish filet.

One of the major challenges in cooking the Cheek is its toughness and takes several hours of cooking to soften. Utilizing slow, moist cooking methods like stewing or braising will help break down this fibrous cut while infusing amazing flavor by converting the connective tissues and fat into gelatin. Seasonings like thyme, cloves, bay leaves, chives and garlic help enhance the meat’s flavor.

Nutrient Farm beef is Pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, humanely raised. The cattle spend their lives outdoors grazing the pasture, but always have access to an insulated livestock barn for shelter. Only organic grass seeds are planted in herbicide-free/pesticides-free pastures.

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